Careers in theater are varied, and extend beyond acting and directing. If you have a love of theater, a career in theater may be just for you.
Perhaps you have decided you want to pursue a theater major at college, but your parents thus far are unsupportive. What can you do to convince them? Maybe you are an adult who wants to change careers mid-stream, but fear the response of your spouse.

Here are some careers available in theater to help booster your defense of your choice of career:

1. Acting

Ok, let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. If you love acting, and enjoy doing it, you should pursue it. Even the famous actors have studied acting and taking acting classes, many of them in college level courses. However, it is important to note that you can be a successful actor and make a living at it without being “famous”. There are dinner theaters in almost every large city, murder mystery troupes, and large theater companies all over. All of these types of theater companies offer wages to their actors.

2. Directing

Yes, another obvious one. Directing is not for the weak, and can only be taken on my someone who is quick to make decisions, works well with people and has the ability to be authorative. A thorough knowledge of stage direction (blocking, upstage vs downstage, etc) is pertinent. Directing, as with acting, can be very rewarding, and can also be a career in theater for someone with the above qualities. Directors are often paid a flat fee, plus a percentage of ticket sales.

3. Technical

Many people love the theater, but shy away from the limelight. If so, the technical aspect of theater may be the choice for you. Technical theater careers could include, stage manager, lighting, props, makeup, costumes,prompter, photographer and sound technician. Anything that needs to go on backstage is considered technical. Most large theaters and dinner theaters also pay decently for these positions.

4. Administration

This is the aspect of theater that keeps the show running. Administration takes care of producing the production, which essentially is designed to draw people to the show. Promotions, advertising, marketing, financials, and public relations are all important careers in theater.

5. Teaching

Don’t pay any attention to the mantra, “Those who can do, and those who can’t teach.” What a false statement! Teaching is a career for those who desire to help others achieve goals. Those who have the ability to “do”, but choose to “help” instead. Teaching positions are available in private schools, high schools, colleges, acting schools and theaters all over. Teaching is a rewarding job, and a great career in theater.

Getting involved in theater is a rewarding job. Seeing something go from an idea on paper, to a successful running show is a feeling that cannot be described into words. That is the feeling that keeps everyone coming back for more.

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