The world of comedy has changed tremendously over the years, especially since the days of getting up on countless stages doing standup. I have always been one to appreciate great comedy routines; the more outrageous the better. Some of my personal favorites have been George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and more recently Dane Cook. They have done things the old fashioned way, and been very successful at it, without question. With the new wave of technology and everyone who’s anyone on the internet daily, an entirely new brand of comedian has entered the scene and they are appealing to a younger demographic. Enter Shane Dawson…just one of new talents on the block to become “YouTube Famous.”

As a journalist who normally interviews musicians, I have an invaluable source to keep me up on every new artist making a name for themselves; my two teenagers. It was one of my teens who first turned me on to a couple of comedy groups making themselves known on YouTube. It was great to see these young talents use the internet to promote what they do best, and I can only imagine what George, Richard and Dane would have done if they had that opportunity when they were kids. This is how I was introduced to Shane Dawson, and I am very glad my daughter told me about him. He has quickly become my favorite YouTuber to watch, hands down. I defy anyone to watch one of his clips and not laugh their ass off.

I want to make something clear here. There are many, many budding comics putting their material online. There are also a lot of young adults getting online and video blogging, which is a great way to express themselves without feeling self-conscious about it. Shane takes things to a very different level. He has created characters that would make the writers of Saturday Night Live proud. He also utilizes his mother and grandmother in his skits which at times can add some “interesting” flavor to things. Aside from Shane himself, Shananay and his grandmother are definitely two of my favorites to watch. There is no way to really describe a typical Shane Dawson clip, so I will add one below for your viewing pleasure.

The YouTube phenomenon had me intrigued and I wanted to speak with Shane about how he started in comedy, his amazing character creation, and some of the strange things he has in his closet (I’m not kidding).

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